Project Pong

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This blog traces my work on the so called “Project Pong”.

Put it short, the project goal is to provide a secure OSS software layer, which transfers the actual location of a person and media produced while on the go, so that the person’s activity can be watched live or offline at home.

The transferred media are stored in a multi-media archive, which is indexable by location and time. This allows for the preparation of automatic activity summaries of a given outdoor experience (for example as a multi-media slide-show).

The main motivation of this project is the requirement to transfer and store personal data in a most secure and anonymous fashion. For this reason the project is only building on proven OSS secure transmission layers and does not utilize potentially compromised cloud services or insecure third-party server infrastructure except its own open-source client/server layer. This guarantees that a user has the full uncompromised control over his personal data.

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