March27th 2015 Cyanogenmod on LGL 7 II Tweaking

March 25th 2015 Cyanogenmod on LG L7 II | | March 27th 2015 Qt Track Rendering Widget

As described on the previous page, we have Cyanogenmod CM11 running on an LG L7 II.

Here are some useful hints and tricks for the CM11 installation:


  • Ctrl-C on the terminal emulator is Vol- & C
  • Tab on the terminal emulator is Vol+ & T


  • since cm does not feature a graphical task manager, how do we monitor the cpu usage?
    • open the terminal
    • start “htop”

Useful Terminal Commands:

subecome super user
pm list packageslists all installed android app packages
ps -cshow running processes with memory usage and cpu load
ps -c | grep appprint cpu load of a particular app (.e.g. com.android.shell)
logcat -s appshow log messages of a particular app (needs to be run with su)


  • fix android permissions for the external sd-card
    • fixes camera to be able to write to the sd-card
    • steps:
      • open the terminal and become root: su
      • cd /system/etc/permissions
      • copy the file platform.xml to your sd-card
        • cp platform.xml /storage/external_SD/
      • now edit platform.xml and find the WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission.
      • add an additional group definition for this permission: <group gid=”media_rw” />
      • and put the modified file back to /system/etc/permissions/
        • we can’t do this when android is running - SELinux will prevent any modification of /system even with root priviledges
        • instead we boot into recovery and use the TWRP file manager to copy the file
          • Shutdown
          • Vol+ Home Pwr
          • Mount system
          • File manager
            • navigate to modified platform.xml and select it
            • navigate to /system/etc/permissions and copy it
    • now we can open the camera preferences and select sd-card as image location
    • as a nice side effect the restrictions of KitKat on the sd-card are gone: any app is able to write to the sd-card, if it has the WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission.

Useful Apps:

There are a couple of useful apps that are not included in the base CM11 installation. Those can be installed either via the Google Play Store or downloaded as apk package from www.apkmirror.com. Here is my favorite selection:

  • Google: PDF Viewer, MyTracks, Maps
  • OSS: Firefox, OsmAnd, VLC
  • Proprietary: business calendar, ebay, amazon

A good app source is also the apk list at chip.de.

March 25th 2015 Cyanogenmod on LG L7 II | | March 27th 2015 Qt Track Rendering Widget