Project Goals

Project Definition | | May 9th 2013 PING

Project Pong is a a client/server system which allows the transmission of geo-spatial data over an ssl encrypted channel.

The main use case of the system is a central data storage at home, that receives data from clients at various locations, for example while traveling abroad and sending live data back home from multiple devices.

For that purpose, a server is requried that acts as a gateway in the middle, storing uploaded data in a queue until the data is delivered to be stored in its final destination at home. On the destination side the data ends up being stored safely and securely in a SQLite database.

As an example use case, think about a world-wide journey where you shoot thousands of pictures with multiple cameras and smartphones. After the journey you need to download all your data, delete duplicates and bad pictures, organize your data depending on importance and location and finally make a backup. Do you remember how often you forgot to synchronize your data or did not remember if you synchronized your data at all or forgot which particular location a picture belonged to? Or just lost the camera and all the pictures were gone forever? What a hazzle! Better store the pictures immediately by sending them back home as early as an internet connection becomes available.

The advantage is that there is only a single and safe central point of storage for all data that is acquired by multiple devices from varying locations. This allows for convenient searching and easy backup. It also minimizes copying data around, avoids double copies, and prevents data from being forgotten or lost.

Project Pong aims to provide a platform for automating the latter use case. So the goal of the project is to automate the task of classifying data (by gps-location, acquisition time, importance and user tag) and sending the classified data back to a central storage location (that is home) in a secure and safe way.

Project Definition | | May 9th 2013 PING