May 19th 2015, Hiking Smartphone

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I wanted to have a new smart phone suited better for outdoor and hiking purposes than my LG L7II. I would have preferred a smaller one, but due to the lack of smaller phones with both good GPS and a decent camera and sd-card slot, I finally bought a Samsung S5 G900F with Android 5 for 370 EUR.


+ waterproof
+ good battery run time
+ exchangeable battery
+ SD card slot for Open-Street-Maps and the like (plus 32GB for 15 EUR)
+ GPS reliably starts within approx. 3 seconds
+ GPS is pretty accurate with an average accuracy of about 5–7m
+ GPS works even indoors under certain conditions (like for my roof-top apartement)
+ The cam is way better than those of comparably priced competitors
+ The cam shows some noise under low-light conditions, but considerably less than previous cam generations
+ display readable well in sunlight


- Larger than necessary for my liking
- With a protection cover it is even larger, next to being intolerably large
- The cam has average focusing speed
- The cam shows some focusing problems for close-ups under low-light conditions
- Lot’s of bloatware pre-installed, but it is no problem to deactivate most of it

As I said, it is a bit too large for my liking, but the competitors with a smaller form-factor either were missing a top-notch cam, a fast GPS, an exchangeable battery or an SD-card slot. To my knowledge the Samsung S5 is the only one with this feature list. So let’s simply get used to its size…

May 12th 2015 Trackz App | | May 25th 2015 Track Denoising