May 5th 2015, SourceForge

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A couple of weeks ago GoogleCode announced that it will be shutting down. The decision to discontinue the SVN services at GoogleCode is just another questionable habit of Google. The community has relied to have long-term support on google code hosting and now they are just shutting down, because they say they cannot cope with GitHub and keep up with the amount of exploited accounts. Ridiculous!

Anyways, all SVN repositories at Googlecode need to be moved to another provider. I choose SourceForge (instead of the recommended GitHub), because it has support for all three major versioning systems including SVN. Not that I dislike git, to the contrary, but for low-profile repositories and teaching purposes subversion is just more of a no-brainer than git.

So the libPong repository has moved to a new distination:

Same for libsquish etc.:

April 3rd 2015 Qt 5,5 | | May 12th 2015 Trackz App