October18th 2016 Project Development End

October 15th 2016 KML Export | | April 1st 2017 Qt 5_8_0

With the KML Export being implemented, the main project development has come to an end.

It’s been more than 3 years of constant development since the start of the project. And more than a year to get all the major and minor glitches fixed, finally. In particular the problems that arose during outdoor testing were the most time consuming and annoying, because they were very hard to reproduce on the desktop. Qt is not very helpful to produce meaningful bug reports. This is much better supported in Android Studio. But on the other hand developing a widget based multi-platform application with Qt that not only runs on Android but also on Linux and Mac has proven to be a good choice.

In summary the app is working reliably and I am using it to record my tracks during holidays and hiking tours. The produced image galleries serve well as some sort of graphical diary and are nice to show to friends immediately in the app or later on as PDF without having to upload and manage thousands of holiday images or videos. Also the app works considerably well for off-line geo-caching. Just hit the record button in the gps “tab”, enter the next geo-cache location in the “goto” tab and go for it.

Of course there is always room for improvement, but for now I am taking a development break to have more time for hiking ad geo-caching.

The latest version of the trackz app is available in the Google app store here:

It is also available as APK from here:

It does not yet have the server option enabled. This will be done after the much anticipated development break…

October 15th 2016 KML Export | | April 1st 2017 Qt 5_8_0