Global Landsat Data


Landsat 7 Enhanced Thematic Mapper (ETM+)

  • Worldwide imagery from near infrared to blue wave lengths at 30m resolution
  • Landsat 7 satellite failed in 2003 due to a mechanical problem with the scan line correction (SLC).
  • On Feb 11, 2013 Landsat 8 was launched (LDCM mission) to account for Landsat 7 failure.
  • Data is provided as gray-scale images per wave length (band).
  • The bands have different resolutions depending on wavelength:
    • nir, red, green, blue bands: 30m
    • panchromatic band: 15m
  • partial GLCF Landsat mirror: Landsat ETM 15m
    • The Landsat data has been orthorectified by EarthSat (now MDA Federal).
    • It is about 1.5TB of world-wide compressed data (ca. 5TB uncompressed).
    • Dating to 1999/2000
  • Original data available on GLCF FTP server
  • As the data is provided in bands, there is no RGB imagery available for viewing.
    • The bands have to be preprocessed and combined to yield a natural looking RGB color representation.
    • This procedure is known as pan-sharpening.
    • For more information about pan-sharpening see here.
    • Even more, colors of different landsat images need to be color-matched.
    • For more information about color-matching see here.
  • Landsat imagery is courtesy of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and U.S. Geological Survey
  • For more info see the Landsat specs.

Example Landsat imagery of Germany (pan-sharpened and color-matched with libGrid):

15m Panchromatic RGB Unmatched True Color Matched

Example NDVI from nir and red Landsat bands:


Dresden as seen by Landsat:

Matched 15m True Color Imagery for Dresden

Europe-wide browsable Landsat map (see here for more details on the map):

Europe-wide browsable Landsat topography map:

World-wide browsable Landsat map (caution: huge map, please be patient, see here for more details on the map):